Why should we the customers get disturbed with all these calls for credit cards, personal loans, insurance schemes, etc when we have not even registered for this facility of hospitality? Here is what the RBI has instructed all its banks to do: 

‘As per the “Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2010” issued by TRAI, any person involved in sending of commercial communications has to register with TRAI as a telemarketer. It has, however, been  brought to our notice that many banks, financial institutions as also their franchisees are engaging telemarketers who are not registered with TRAI, for marketing their services and these unregistered telemarketers use their normal telephone connections for making commercial calls to customers registered in the National Customer Preference Register. This is resulting in a lot of customer grievance.

It is, therefore, reiterated that banks should engage only those telemarketers who are registered in terms of the guidelines issued by TRAI, from time to time, for all their promotional/ telemarketing activities. These guidelines should be strictly complied with.’

Unsolicited commercial communication means any communication made with the customer for advertising or marketing a product of a Bank without permission of that customer. We the customers, can complaint if we receive such unsolicited commercial communications and such telemarketers and banks may even get ‘black-listed’ by TRAI for a certain period of time. Blacklisting will be published and notified to public and that bank will not be allowed to do any telemarketing whatsoever until the expiry of prescribed time.

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