Have you noticed that everyone around you is managing something? Okay, Look around and observe people, some more people and objects (could be people again who do not talk)… they all are managing time, money, situations, future, people, objects, concerns, work and so on.

So what is the ART of Management? Organizations are scouting for managers and professionals that are consistently developing this art in every role they take up. The mentioned ART form is not new to the world of management, but only needs to be rejigged to suit the crowded professional arena. This should not be mistaken for only way to lead or become a successful manager. It’s just an observation and a theory from experiences of the Industry watchers.

ART of Management:

a) Always Act Never React

b) Take Responsibility for you Actions

c) Build, Create and Work as a Team

Managers who Act are always in a better position than those who React. Today Action will yield benefits and Reaction mostly reflects a loss e.g. loss of time.

Every action will need the manager to take responsibility and step up to the occasion. You may not want managers who will not take responsibility for the actions initiated, executed or concluded by them

A corporation is made up for and by people. Several teams put plans into actions.  Lead or be a part of the team to make things happen.

Introducing this dynamic theory and correlating this with real situations will help us appreciate the power of management. We will discuss this ART with examples from the industry in the following posts…