Few BlackBerry lovers might get a bad news as the new chairman and interim CEO of  BlackBerry said he wants to emphasize on software and services.

The possible change in strategy came as Fairfax Financial,  BB’s largest shareholder with 10% stake in the company, said it wont buy the struggling smart phone company and take it private,  but instead FairFax and other investors will inject $1 billion as part of revised investment proposal. CEO Thorsten Heins is stepping down and John Chen, with strong software and services background was appointed chairman of BlackBerry’s Board of Directors.

Chen, former CEO of Sybase said that BB’s employees need to start thinking differently and accept that “we are not in phones but we are in phones for software, for services.” Chen said he wants CEO with strong software and services background. Chen noted that BBM ( BlackBerry messenger) on Apple IOS and Google Android has been downloaded by 20 million users.