Dorna Sports today announced Tata Communications as the exclusive video distribution partner for the upcoming FIM MotoGP World Championship & the Superbike World Championship.
Precisely, Tata Communications will get the sole rights to distribute the action of all the motoGP and WSBK racers in turn to reach out to 200 million houses via the 80 media partners.

To ensure the best possible TV coverage of the racers to the viewers, some novel innovations in the pipeline include likes of “Low Latency Ultra-High Definition, live video feeds and 360° in accordance with Remote production and High-Definition Range imaging, enabled with Tata Communications’ Media Ecosystem”, according to a release from Tata Communications.

To ensure ‘lag-free’ coverage of the racing action to the viewers either via TV or mobile devices, Tata Communications will connect to the 18 MotoGP venues using it’s global network and a bandwidth of currently double the capacity of that being used by Dorna at the moment.

Media partners producing the live content at the racetracks will also be using Tata Communications’ network for the distrbution of footages.

“This partnership with Tata Communications represents a new, exciting step in how we manage the distribution of each race to our broadcast partners worldwide”, said Manel Arroyo, Managing Director, Media and Communications area at Dorna.

“There is a huge opportunity for sports to bring fans closer ti the action through technologies such as UHD and Live OTT video”, said Brian Morris, Vice President and General Manager, Global Media and Entertainment Services at Tata Communications.

“Yet, all these innovations rely on global superfast connectivity over fibre. We look forward to working with Dorba to bring tge excitement of each race of the 2016 season to people around the World, and exploring together new services to quench fans’ thirst for more immersive racing experiences in the future.”

Source: Overdrive.